About The Team


Design and build the most capable, modular and utilitarian vehicles at the most affordable price whilst maintaining high standards of manufacturing. Providing our customers something attainable, long-lasting and configurable to their ever-changing lives.


From east coast to west, our team all has different origins but our passion for outdoor recreation unites us.

Jeff Rohrer


After receiving a Business Degree from Yale, Jeff went on to play 7 years as a Linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys for legendary coach Tom Landry. After football, Jeff went on to a successful career as a Commercial Line Producer and Executive Producer garnering three Top Ten Superbowl commercials and dozens of awards including Cannes Lions, filming commercials globally known for being a producer who was on time and on budget. Jeff saw Hollywood pioneer a digital transition and used this experience to bridge into digital engineering and 3D prototyping for Government, automotive and private projects.

MJ Mayo


Captivated by motorsport, design and technology at an early age, MJ built a 1965 Shelby Cobra kit car at the age of 14. He went on to graduate from the International Baccalaureate program at Mulgrave the International School of Vancouver, majoring in visual arts. MJ went on to pursue a design degree specializing in motorsport, marine design, and additive manufacturing at Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles. MJ co-founded PROTOTYP3 [pro·to·type], a 3D printing and concept engineering studio, as his thesis upon receiving a B.Sc. Degree in product design in 2020. PROTOTYP3 has since worked with world class clients, corporations, and government agencies to produce innovative vehicle design concepts and interactive photo-real VR metaverse experiences. MJ has recently scaled PROTOTYP3’s manufacturing capabilities by investing in an experimental large format hybrid additive and subtractive manufacturing system. He and his team are determined to push the boundaries of design for additive manufacturing in consumer, commercial, and government applications for years to come.

Ian Backstrom


In his hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Ian founded his first company at the age of 14, using home-built drones to produce media for regional corporations such as Berkshire Hathaway. Ian used these earnings to fund his move to California in 2016, where he studied product design at Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles. There, he focused on 3D printing, digital creation workflows, and design systems. This experience and persistence to learn drove Ian to start his second company, PROTOTYP3 [pro·to·type], upon earning his B.Sc. Degree. After college, Ian and his team at PROTOTYP3 spent years working on experimental design and mobility projects for Army Futures Command (AFC), Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC), and Air Force Research Laboratories (AFRL). These projects span industrial design, real world digitization, metaverse creation, advanced manufacturing, and artificial intelligence integration. Ian’s passion and career continues to pioneer design optimization, advanced technology implementation, and experimental visualization. 

Greg Reesman


After receiving degrees in Environmental Science, Energy Sustainability Engineering, and Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, while spending 4 years as a field chemist, Greg went on to work for Environmental Technologies at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. Here, his data analytics were highlighted in their worldwide launch of new products. Greg then joined PROTOTYP3 [pro·to·type] in Los Angeles, where he worked closely with leadership at the Air Force Research Laboratory and implemented his experience with cutting edge technology. Throughout his career thus far, Greg has built a reputation as being a team leader - helping to optimize communication between data analysis, 3D design, engineering, and advanced manufacturing.

Adam Pelley


Classically trained as an industrial designer at Montclair State University in New Jersey, Adam has an infatuation with intuitive organization and an aptitude for creating multifunctional products and transformative spaces. His work experience ranges from the farm to the pharmaceutical industry, with many professions in between. Designing bicycle products for Specialized and medical products for Johnson & Johnson before joining concept engineering studio PROTOTYP3 [pro·to·type] in 2020 as their director of industrial design and advanced manufacturing. While design is his day job, Adam’s true passion is being in nature. He fancies himself a rock climber, mountain biker, snowboarder, sailor, camper to name a few. With a list of hobbies that seems to keep growing. In that lies his inspiration to design high quality multifunctional products; because everyone’s adventure looks different.